Casino, management transitions from generation to generation

Every business has a change in management. the old executives must have to lay their hands due to older age or want to rest and then pass it on to future generations to continue that business and allow the business to continue from generation to generation This kind of approach is typical of working in a big business. model of a global organization No matter how many eras, even hundreds of of

of years, the name of that business will remain. and proceeded as it had in the past is not to let the business fade away with the founder, for example, the computer business. Apple technology products, which even today the man named Steve Jobs, the person who pioneered Apple to be known around the world, is no longer there.

But Apple is still there. By being carried on from generations after Steve Jobs in the future If those who led the present Apple to move forward in the present, lay down. There should be a new generation to continue as Steve Jobs laid down. For highly profitable businesses such as casino businesses around the world, there has been a change in management in each era as well. Some

casinos may have been replaced by several generations. Yet with every change in management, there may be a change. Whether in terms of management styles that are different from the original because the older generation has to work in his way The new generation who comes to continue has their way of working. Therefore, the form of management is different from usual.

or in the marketing section, various promotions Pattern of customer attraction Including the decoration of the casino place may be different as well. But the change in the management of casinos is also a concern. That is the issue of problems that arise during the transfer, for example, those who will continue the business are not skilled enough, and do not understand the casino business

well, enough, like if anyone has ever seen a casino-style movie. will see that He took the story of the casino management transition as the focus of the film. and cause major events in the movie in fact, changing casinos in the world has a chance to be like that.