Hot business in the coming 2018.

At the end of 2017, a leading Thai business research institute has ranked the trend of hot business in 2018 by analyzing the growth of SMEs and popular businesses in 2017. This information will help business people to plan for business expansion. The Business was better this year,

today we have a strong business trend in 2018 to leave you here

1. care. and services for the elderly such as home care, home equipment or medical equipment including various facilities to the elderly Because most people have to work full time. This made them unable to fully view the elderly. That’s why these businesses are becoming more and more popular.

2. Business tours for the elderly, tour activities or travel for the elderly, retirees are becoming very popular. Because they spend most of their lives working. And when they retire, they are more interested in travelling. Not only Thai people It also includes

foreigners as well. That is why tourism businesses targeting the elderly are has a much higher growth rate

3. Food business and healthy drinks known as the hype And has been the most popular in the past year ever. for healthy food This trend has rocked the world’s biggest food business. Make ready meals, fast food, frozen food have to adapt to match the trend of more health-conscious consumers

4. Vitamin business and dietary supplements Because people nowadays spend most of their time working outside the home. Therefore, there is no time to take care of yourself. They therefore pay more attention to supplements. In order for his body to

receive complete nutrients This type of business is very popular. especially in the online market and is expected to have a growing trend

5. Beauty business and develop personality Due to the changing needs of urban society This type of business is in demand in both working age groups. and adolescents This is to enable them to strengthen their self-confidence. in entering various societies.

6. Natural beauty business Today’s people are more popular with nature. This covers beauty-related products as well. Whether it’s cosmetics, perfumes, if produced with natural ingredients. or free from chemicals Undoubtedly more popular. It’s called a trend that is constantly coming in strong.

7. Ready-made seasoning business according to various supermarkets There are many ready-made ingredients for sale, such as seasonings for easy cooking in one sachet. It must be a seasoning that meets the needs of consumers who love health, such as low-

sodium seasoning, etc. This business has a tendency to expand the market more and more.

in the business Entrepreneurs must pay attention to and pay attention to the constantly changing business trends. This is in order to improve their business to be in line with the changes. And the competition that will happen in the future. For this year 2018, we wish you all success in online business.

What’s a good business to do at home with 7 personal business ideas

A question that frustrates many people who are bored of their regular job. and want to follow their dreams by being their own boss But I still don’t know how to start. Today, we have the answer: “What’s a good business to run at home?”

7 Ideas. Suitable for the lifestyle of the new generation.

1. Sell products on the website or application various online markets

Consignment of goods is a business that can make money. without having to invest much at all Just register with service providers such as Ebay, Shopee, you can sell products. without having to invest in finding a location to open a shop

2. Online shop business

Another popular business that has gained immense popularity in today’s era is Opening an online store Because the online store business is a business that can be started easily. and use the funds to open a storefront or not much stock And it can also reach a specific audience better as well. Importantly, the online store business allows

entrepreneurs to choose the type of products to sell by themselves. Whether it’s clothes, watches, glasses, cosmetics, as well as products that are toys. By the form of opening an online store that many of you are familiar with.

3. Editorial business

If you are someone who likes to read, write, or is proficient in this area. Don’t let your talents go to waste. Try contacting various publishers to see if there are works like writing columns. or articles? Because in addition to developing your own talents You can also earn extra money. which the form of work Not just writing columns or articles,

but also other related work such as proofreading services write articles on the website Indexing – table of contents, including writing various academic articles as well.

4. Tax management business for organizations.

The most important thing for a business is Tax knowledge Follow up on tax news regularly. and further study of the law related to tax It will help you to become a tax advisor for any organization and business use your brain, experience and knowledge. It

is considered a business that does not require a lot of investment. but can generate income as well If the customer believes in your ability

5. Various design business

If you are the type of person who has a high level of artistry. Have their own style and love freedom. I recommend you to start this type of business. In addition to being a business that sells talent or feeling It’s also a business that makes you happy with your work. This type of work covers from design to decoration. Designing brochures,

pamphlets, flyers, drawing portraits, or any other advertising related work. that you have done to collect as your own portfolio (Portfolio) for future use as well

6. Babysitting business

It might sound like a daunting task. But if you are a child lover This piece is quite interesting. Because in the future it may develop you into a kindergarten owner. or a famous nursery The business of daycare is a business that sacrifices a lot of time for

children, but during the time the little ones take a nap during the day You can also work in conjunction with others, such as writing or doing crafts on sale online or not

7. bakery business.

Bakery business is a dream business for many people. And it’s also a business that can be done from home without having to have a storefront anymore. Because in this era, this is the era where coffee shops and working spaces are booming. which if you can make your own bakery And wholesale to these various coffee shops, whether by

consignment. or sold out It will allow you to keep selling. Continuing without having a storefront, not less interesting, right? A simple business that can be started from home. It would give you some ideas of doing business with you. If you have other ideas It’s interesting to write and share.

Electronic commerce (E-Commerce)

Electronic commerce (E-Commerce) is doing business electronically through online systems. This includes the sale of goods and services, electronic money transfers. Online digital transport of various product information. Government procurement, direct sales, sale of shares After-sales service and auctions, etc. It also applies to goods and

services. Legal services, education, medical equipment Various information services as well.

Why is it important to focus on E-Commerce?

due to current technology is constantly evolving The Internet has become a part of today’s lifestyle. That’s why online business plays a huge role. Because online business is a huge market that is open without borders. It can also reach out to the target

consumers directly. It is also convenient, fast, without limitations, whether it is time or place,

the form of electronic commerce.

There are 5 forms of electronic commerce as follows: Business to Business (B to B) is a business-to-business business model. It will be sold in bulk. Business to Consumer (B-to-C) is a form of doing business directly between business and customers, mainly selling products. Consumer to Consumer (C-to-C) is a form of business. Do business

between people and people together. It is mostly a form of retail. Government to Consumer (G-to-C) is a form of business between the government and consumers. Usually serving the people, G-to-B (Government to Business) is a form of trade between the government and the organization. It will be sold in large quantities.

Security with E-Commerce

The security system is the most outstanding. And there is a security technology, Public Key, which has an authentication organization called CA (Certification Authority). This system uses mathematical principles to calculate the message control code from the sender. and specific recipients Thus, it can prove the identity of the sender’s recipient.

(Authentication), including data security. (Confidentiality) the accuracy of the data (Integrity) and the sender cannot deny ownership of the data. (Non-repudiation), also known as electronic signature (Electronic Signature) is another important. Is to have a law to support transactions on the network that many countries in Europe. And the

United States has issued a law certifying the use of electronic signatures. and the law to support such business In Thailand, there has been an expedited enactment of six

information technology laws, with the first two laws being issued first. Electronic Transactions Law

In conclusion, electronic commerce It is the integration of Internet technology with the distribution of goods and services by using the Internet as a medium for quick purchases or services. For those who are interested in building an online business or

various types of advertising in the online world, you can ask for advice or follow up on good knowledge. It’s free here.