Hot business in the coming 2018.

At the end of 2017, a leading Thai business research institute has ranked the trend of hot business in 2018 by analyzing the growth of SMEs and popular businesses in 2017. This information will help business people to plan for business expansion. The Business was better this year,

today we have a strong business trend in 2018 to leave you here

1. care. and services for the elderly such as home care, home equipment or medical equipment including various facilities to the elderly Because most people have to work full time. This made them unable to fully view the elderly. That’s why these businesses are becoming more and more popular.

2. Business tours for the elderly, tour activities or travel for the elderly, retirees are becoming very popular. Because they spend most of their lives working. And when they retire, they are more interested in travelling. Not only Thai people It also includes

foreigners as well. That is why tourism businesses targeting the elderly are has a much higher growth rate

3. Food business and healthy drinks known as the hype And has been the most popular in the past year ever. for healthy food This trend has rocked the world’s biggest food business. Make ready meals, fast food, frozen food have to adapt to match the trend of more health-conscious consumers

4. Vitamin business and dietary supplements Because people nowadays spend most of their time working outside the home. Therefore, there is no time to take care of yourself. They therefore pay more attention to supplements. In order for his body to

receive complete nutrients This type of business is very popular. especially in the online market and is expected to have a growing trend

5. Beauty business and develop personality Due to the changing needs of urban society This type of business is in demand in both working age groups. and adolescents This is to enable them to strengthen their self-confidence. in entering various societies.

6. Natural beauty business Today’s people are more popular with nature. This covers beauty-related products as well. Whether it’s cosmetics, perfumes, if produced with natural ingredients. or free from chemicals Undoubtedly more popular. It’s called a trend that is constantly coming in strong.

7. Ready-made seasoning business according to various supermarkets There are many ready-made ingredients for sale, such as seasonings for easy cooking in one sachet. It must be a seasoning that meets the needs of consumers who love health, such as low-

sodium seasoning, etc. This business has a tendency to expand the market more and more.

in the business Entrepreneurs must pay attention to and pay attention to the constantly changing business trends. This is in order to improve their business to be in line with the changes. And the competition that will happen in the future. For this year 2018, we wish you all success in online business.