What are casinos and online casinos?

What are casinos and online casinos?

Gambling is also not known exactly where it originated and what form of gambling originated in the world. But from the study that it has since the time when humans began to live together as a group, and the word “Casino or Casino” is a word derived from the Italian language that means. A small vacation home

The history of opening a casino in our home is not clearly found in the historical records. Because if talking about in our house, it has been around since ancient times as well, for example, cockfighting. In fact, during the reign of King Rama 2, our house used to have a legal gambling house until the arrival of During the reign of King Rama

5, he was ordered to gradually close the casinos because the people were very addicted to gambling. Until entering the reign of the 6th, the legal casino was closed and completely died. And make today’s gambling pits and casinos in our homes are still illegal, but it is still illegal to act secretly open a lot. And with the fact that gambling in

our home is still illegal and that makes our home casino system very backward and below standard, not attracting foreigners to come in much. Only Thai gamblers have to travel to play online casinos in Macau, Las Vegas. Or take a cruise to play in a dedicated casino. And even more these days, with technology being developed, the

casino has developed into a online casino To open up for all gamblers to invest more openly than before. resulting in the growth rate of online casino of our home is increasing every year. And all the gamblers turned their attention to playing online casinos rather than you have to travel to play by yourself at the casino.

Unfortunately, Thailand is still unable to legally open its casinos like its neighbors in many countries, allowing all the working capital to flow out of the country or into the pockets of capitalists or influencers instead. to be the government to use the money to develop the country further Because people still lack self-restraint in playing and may

cause more harm than good. This includes the problem of money laundering that is a problem in many countries.